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We ♥ Memes: Prince Charles vs Bubbles Girl now with extra Usain Bolt

August 13, 2012

Enda Guinan | Social

This made me (and many many others) LOL quite a bit last week.

Prince Charles chases girl with bubbles

It was Photoshopped, but who cares.

Now, it lives on with extra Usain Bolt and Chicken McNugget.

Usain Bolt chases girl with Bubbles

It made me grin.

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Chapter 3: The Start of the Journey (Pt. 1)

May 17, 2010

I woke up that morning tired and weak. The night before, my good friends,Chris, Nait, and Steph helped me load and pack everything into my little Chevy Lumina. I was emotionally wiped and physically drained not because of the loading from that night, in fact, it really wasn’t that much give or take a few bags of clothing and some essentials which happened to fit into my trunk just fine. I woke up with the sounds of my grandpa cutting onions or cilantro in the kitchen, and my mom, opening and going through the front door, carrying her trays of food as she got ready to open up for the day on her truck, “Baja Tacos”. I wanted to just get up and put on my work clothes, and totally disregard my trip, but I had a commitment and I had to fulfill it. I slowly got dressed and put on the  same clothes that I had worn the night before. I looked at my new watch, 8:00AM. Damn! I had only slept for 4 hours! I made my way to my bathroom attached to my own room, went to the sink, turned on the cold water and splashed my face with the ice-cold liquid. I made for my scrubber and viciously scrubbed my face until I was certain that I was no longer covered in dirt from last nights hauling of dusty boxes and packing of clothes.

After I was all done in the bathroom I made my way out fo the room and out towards the living room, the sun blasting through the windows, but it was typically cold so it did nothing to alleviate my already messed up mood. I walked past the living room and wade my way towards my little sisters room and peeked in, nothing, she had already taken off. Sadly, I wouldn’t get a chance to say goodbye to her; Oh well, I would call her when I arrived in Los Angeles. I walked outside and felt the cool blast of the cold spring day as I made my way towards my car to check out what I had packed the night before. I opened the passenger door and opened the glovebox and counted my money, which was all made up of tips from 2 weeks prior, I had a whooping 80 Dollars. certainly enough to get me to LA in gas money…and thats it…… I was still determined to make it, I had plans on running my car on as little gas as possible. I sighed at my hopeless goal, doomed to certain failure was what I was headed for. And I didn’t want to admit it, but everything my friends and parents have said was true, I couldn’t  make it. But I couldn’t be swayed to change. I was determined to make it. I HAD to make it. I had no other choice.

I made my way towards my moms truck, I could hear her inside, as short as she was, zipping around and gathering things to prepare the food. How was she going to do it without me? She’s not even tall enough to grab the plastic bags from the second shelf! Or even open up the ceiling slots when it gets hot? It was rather striking as I stood there, in front of the business and people I was leaving behind and I felt guilty and selfish. I still had so much to do that morning! I had to travel to my dads restaurant and have a free breakfast and to say a final goodbye. I opened the little door that led into the Taco Truck and peeked in to find my mom, on top of the counters, looking for spoons and seasonings. She was wearing her red apron and a hairnet, it was a cute get up actually. Lol I had been so used to seeing her really glamorous. This was now a very interesting change, and I liked it; it got my mom back out there into the world, communicating with people and getting the time to be outdoors and to do something for herself and for me. And I was saying goodbye…..

“Mom, I’m going to have breakfast at my dads, I’ll be back okay?” I said.

“Okay. Just make sure you come back here before you leave, I need you to make a copy of your green card.” She hopped off the shelf and swiftly made her way past me in a little blur I watched her disappear inside the house to reemerge, minutes later with my greencard. “Here,” She handed me the little card.  “Make a copy of  this and come back!” I took the card and slipped it into my pocket. I made my way back into my car, got into the driver’s seat and started the engine……….


Chapter 2: Arrival in The City

May 17, 2010

I finally pulled my car up the steep hill that was all too familiar to me. I pushed  deeper on the gas pedal it choked and revved its way up the hill slowly. “My car is totally gonna break going up this shoddy hill I swear!” I said.  I reached the top of the hill and placed my car in a parking space , next to a dirt hill that was home to my car 2 years ago, during my stay and education at The Los Angeles Film School. I parked , grabbed my heavy messenger bag, and got out of my car and was instantly greeted by the familiar smells and sights and sounds of the city. How much I had missed it, and how glad and scared I had been on returning back here again. I walked over to a weedy hill that i knew overlooked the skyline of Downtown Los Angeles and looked out towards the city. Here was the future staring me in the face. I stayed on this hill for a good 10 minutes and absorbed the reality that I was here before I walked away and began looking for my family. I knocked on the neighbor’s door, nothing.

I knocked on my uncles front door, nothing.

My uncles’ cars had all been cleared away and I immediately thought to myself, “Mexico!” My uncle has a knack for visiting the country whenever he gets the chance, I assumed that’s where he was today, I had missed my chance to have a place to stay for a few days! damn! I went back to my car, sat on the dirty hood and placed a call to my dad’s cell phone, whom I had promised to call once I had arrived, and I got nothing. I was actually alone at my destination. I had even more time to think about my plans and that was something that  I totally didn’t want to do at that time. yuck. I didn’t want the headache. So I gave up on attempting to call anyone and I waited….and waited….. and waited…

I waited for about an hour and I was ready to hop in my car and drive to my friend’s place or  look for a room to rent when I heard the familiar sound of my uncles hemi truck haul ass up the hill. My heart skipped a few beats when he drove past me and jetted to the parking space he had claimed as his own. I was not ready to face him with whatever embarrassing offer I had planned to give him. He saw me and eyed me as my little cousin, his neighbor, her kids, and my uncles new wife got out of the car and went inside their respective homes, leaving my uncle and myself to talk it out. I approached him and began my long-winded story as he eyed me with gentle eyes. this threw me off, since when has my uncle shown me any remorse towards anything I have ever said, for all I knew, this man hated anyone that wasn’t his child. He was the one that kicked us out when we needed him the most right after my graduation from film school. In front of me was the man who hated everything about me, my lifestyle, my way of dressing, my personality, everything! Yet here he was, looking at me and listening as I told my story about my departure and my sudden arrival.

After my story had ended and I had pretty much spilled my guts on the floor, all he did was watch me. He watched me for what felt like eternity before he finally spoke.

“Listen, I like the idea of you finally taking a stand and leaving that place, but times are hard here, and you happen to have amazing timing, starting school during the beginning of the economic crisis,  coming back when  I have no money, I can’t really afford you living here now that I have the misses with me.”

I looked at the ground avoiding contact, actually I was crying and tearing myself up on the inside and I didn’t want him to see my face.

“… She had to leave her kids in mexico to live here, did you know that?”

I laughed on the inside, “What kind of mother abandons her children for a man she just met a few months earlier?” This immediately set up red flags as to what type of woman she was…and I disliked her already.

“Wow!” I said to him, “that’s  difficult to do! why did she do that?”

He danced around the question, but I had to watch myself and hold my tongue if I wanted a place to stay so I allowed him to continue.

“I have to take care of my Diabetes, turns out i got it, runs in the family I believe, but I have it controlled, I eat healthy now. I have Luz cooking fresh meals every night. Shes an amazing cook damn! And did you check out here ass? I could fuck that ass all night!”

I adjusted my shirt and my heavy bag I had forgotten I was carrying around and wincing at the most horrific visual danced around my head. I tried to shrug it off, but it was too late. It was etched into my mind forever. Thankfully, I could recall the visual for a new horror screenplay I could manifest the visual, and pass it on.

“I can give you money…. I don’t have a lot to give you, but I can help you with groceries, pay a little rent for something, I won’t be here all day everyday, I have a job with a designer and I can pay you some money, 60 bucks…”

” 100!” chimed my uncle.

“okay, if that’s what you want, I can give you that and once I become stable in some capacity, I can give you a little more money, hopefully you can let me have the apartment downstairs someday too.”

My uncle looked at me and smiled for the first time in a long time that I could recall.

“My lady won’t like it, but you can have the room in the back, move the Wii and toy bike, and you can have that room.”

I thanked him like I have never thanked anyone in my life. My uncle has just become another person will be remembered as helping me build the foundation of the first day of the rest of my life.

I walked inside, said “Hi.” to the missis in the kitchen and hugged my little cousin as I made my way down the long corridor and burst into my new room, dusty from its last inhabitants, my grandparents.

I took in a breath as the scent of my grandmothers presence put me into a calmer mood. I  trudged my way towards the poster bed in the middle of the room. I looked around the dusty dressers and the cobwebbed perfume bottles.  I didn’t want to touch a single things, not because it seemed disgusting, but because all of this was finally making me at ease. The room was dim and cool, just what I wanted at that very moment. I decided to leave my stuff in the car, it wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and I dropped the messenger bag beside me and I climbed onto the massive bed without removing any of the pillows, curled up and immediately began to fall asleep.


Chapter 1: An Occurance, 150 Miles Away From Home

April 27, 2010

Breathe Me by SIA

I can’t believe I was doing this! this was finally it! Could this be it for me? was I getting ready to embark on the first day of the rest of my life? this is what it felt like to me. I  was settling into my seat as my car began cruising to a mild 75 Mph on the unkempt and boring drive down the 99. I was heading South toward the big, boisterous city of Los Angeles.

I looked at my watch that my dad had purchased for me not even 24 hours ago, it was 11:15. I heard the soft murmur of the road, and something behind me in the back seat was moving around gently. “I hope it ain’t my cologne” I thought to myself. But I was still nervous. It wasn’t the fact that I was driving down the highway that made me nervous. It wasn’t the fact that I didn’t have enough money to live, let along pay for my gas once I arrived in the city. I had no place to stay, no means to get around, I haven’t even met my new boss yet! But that wasn’t what was bothering me. I couldn’t shake the fact  that I was leaving someone and something important behind. A tear came to my eye when I  thought of  leaving behind all of my friends and family. I had grown close to them and they had helped me through one of the worst moments of my young life growing up in the dodgy and woodsy town of Mariposa. I was leaving them behind as I began a new chapter of my life.

The radio was softly playing the famous “Six Feet Under” soundtrack when my phone received the text message:

“I’m sad”


It was my little sister.

I smiled and immediately another bout of tears surged through my eyes and I fought them back as I texted her with my response:

“Don’t be. Why?…I’m sad too”

I regretted pushing send. I was going to lose it driving! my little sister, who turns 18 on the 27th of April, who should be at school doing her work was texting me and I wasn’t ready for it. I had grown super close with my little sister over the course of one month than I had ever hoped to get. I saw her become a woman and I had been there for her in her times of need. We gave the each other advice on life and love and we did it with a hysterical smile on our faces. But I had to leave her for this new chapter of my life. And I was feeling selfish.

my phone buzzed again:

“cuz who am I going to hang out with and talk to? and your going to miss my bday and prom”


I read this message and I couldn’t hold back anymore tears. I immediately made for the exit ramp and drove fast  into a field in god knows where and I opened the door and yelled. I cried out as the tears came out my face with unstoppable force. How the hell did I get so fucking dramatic! Where the hell was I? I wanted to turn around and drive back, all of this was too much to bear for me. It was tiring me out.

After a good 10 minutes of unsightly yelping and screaming, I stood there with my car door open feeling nauseated and aching with allergies. I could hear the birds above me, calm creatures they are. And I heard a cow somewhere out on the field. I was also hearing the freeway behind me, beckoning me to continue driving towards my future.  I was scared, genuinely scared. I took the time to get out and catch some fresh air and, being as good a time as any, I decided to stretch my legs a little.

I walked down the dirt road with my phone in hand and my sweater in the other. A cool breeze came by and blew dust over my clothes which also pissed me off a little bit. But it did make me feel like I was in a better mood. I returned to my car and say on the the hood and looked out towards the merging I-5 South. I was really tired and I wanted to fall asleep. I felt peaceful here and I wanted to stay and take a nap in this place but one look at the inside of my car totally made me scratch that idea. I had so much crap in there I wasn’t going to rearrange anything that my friends helped me pack the night before just to get some last minute shuteye that was going to be totally uncomfortable and probably was only going to last all of a great 20 minutes. that wasn’t very appealing. it was hot. I hate the hot weather anyways.

I looked at my phone and reread the message over and over, allowing it to sink in and absorb. I was trying to picture my sister in class, probably feeling sentimental as to me leaving. I didn’t get a chance to hug her goodbye or anything. I didn’t get a chance to see her well before I left. I whipped open the SMS application on my blackberry and, with much more composure and civility, I responded:

“you can still call me. but I’m gonna miss you”

I hit send and looked towards the direction I came from. I was finally saying goodbye to a place that I hated, but it helped me mature and grow. I became an adult there. I was finally leaving home.

I was happy amidst all of the pain that I was feeling about leaving. I hopped off of my car and jumped back into the drivers seat, and made my way  South. I had made a choice, I had already received the going away party which meant I couldn’t come back! I had NO OTHER choice. I merged back onto traffic (Which wasn’t a lot considering it was noon on a monday), and blasted the radio again.

I got mad at myself for crying. Why was I doing this?!?! I should be celebrating my departure! I was going to a get a job that I have always wanted to do and I was finally doing it and once I was able to secure a paying job down there, I was unstoppable!

A smile crossed my face for the first time that day as I made my way closer and closer, without any place at all whatsoever, towards the city of dreams. I was without a care in the world. My mentality changed  on that pasture that day. I had to fight for what I wanted now! I was going to finally be free and do my own thing, I was going to be my own man and make my own name for myself. I was scared, but I was happy. And for the first time in a long while I genuinely felt happy.