Chapter 3: The Start of the Journey (Pt. 1)

May 17, 2010

I woke up that morning tired and weak. The night before, my good friends,Chris, Nait, and Steph helped me load and pack everything into my little Chevy Lumina. I was emotionally wiped and physically drained not because of the loading from that night, in fact, it really wasn’t that much give or take a few bags of clothing and some essentials which happened to fit into my trunk just fine. I woke up with the sounds of my grandpa cutting onions or cilantro in the kitchen, and my mom, opening and going through the front door, carrying her trays of food as she got ready to open up for the day on her truck, “Baja Tacos”. I wanted to just get up and put on my work clothes, and totally disregard my trip, but I had a commitment and I had to fulfill it. I slowly got dressed and put on the  same clothes that I had worn the night before. I looked at my new watch, 8:00AM. Damn! I had only slept for 4 hours! I made my way to my bathroom attached to my own room, went to the sink, turned on the cold water and splashed my face with the ice-cold liquid. I made for my scrubber and viciously scrubbed my face until I was certain that I was no longer covered in dirt from last nights hauling of dusty boxes and packing of clothes.

After I was all done in the bathroom I made my way out fo the room and out towards the living room, the sun blasting through the windows, but it was typically cold so it did nothing to alleviate my already messed up mood. I walked past the living room and wade my way towards my little sisters room and peeked in, nothing, she had already taken off. Sadly, I wouldn’t get a chance to say goodbye to her; Oh well, I would call her when I arrived in Los Angeles. I walked outside and felt the cool blast of the cold spring day as I made my way towards my car to check out what I had packed the night before. I opened the passenger door and opened the glovebox and counted my money, which was all made up of tips from 2 weeks prior, I had a whooping 80 Dollars. certainly enough to get me to LA in gas money…and thats it…… I was still determined to make it, I had plans on running my car on as little gas as possible. I sighed at my hopeless goal, doomed to certain failure was what I was headed for. And I didn’t want to admit it, but everything my friends and parents have said was true, I couldn’t  make it. But I couldn’t be swayed to change. I was determined to make it. I HAD to make it. I had no other choice.

I made my way towards my moms truck, I could hear her inside, as short as she was, zipping around and gathering things to prepare the food. How was she going to do it without me? She’s not even tall enough to grab the plastic bags from the second shelf! Or even open up the ceiling slots when it gets hot? It was rather striking as I stood there, in front of the business and people I was leaving behind and I felt guilty and selfish. I still had so much to do that morning! I had to travel to my dads restaurant and have a free breakfast and to say a final goodbye. I opened the little door that led into the Taco Truck and peeked in to find my mom, on top of the counters, looking for spoons and seasonings. She was wearing her red apron and a hairnet, it was a cute get up actually. Lol I had been so used to seeing her really glamorous. This was now a very interesting change, and I liked it; it got my mom back out there into the world, communicating with people and getting the time to be outdoors and to do something for herself and for me. And I was saying goodbye…..

“Mom, I’m going to have breakfast at my dads, I’ll be back okay?” I said.

“Okay. Just make sure you come back here before you leave, I need you to make a copy of your green card.” She hopped off the shelf and swiftly made her way past me in a little blur I watched her disappear inside the house to reemerge, minutes later with my greencard. “Here,” She handed me the little card.  “Make a copy of  this and come back!” I took the card and slipped it into my pocket. I made my way back into my car, got into the driver’s seat and started the engine……….


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